Saturday, April 23, 2011

You never appreciate what i did. you never really care about my feelings and thoughts. you dont even know how to look at the positive side of me, but just the negative ones to be the excuse to quarrel w/ me and to make me feel like as if i'm all in the fault and you had none at all. i'm so tired of feeling like i'm the one giving her my whole world and in exchange getting the ignorance of you. like as if i'm a barbie doll to you. i wont give in anymore. if you really had appreciated me, then i wont even feel this way. because i realise that the fact is that you didnt even plan to give me chance at the first place and to continue giving me false hope and say that you're unsure of your feelings. how great are you, i will give my greatest applause to you for your unbelievable skills.